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Gofsef Nebraska
Anime name Gofsef Nebraska
Manga name Gofsef Nebraska
Alternate names Gofsef
Race Cyborg Human
Height 34'16" (As seen on an arrest warrant)
Weight 9995 pgs (As seen on an arrest warrant)
  • Nebraska Family (Full Family)
  • Father Nebraska (Father)
    Patricia Nebraska (Mother)
    Tonkichi Nebraska (Brother)
    Marilyn Nebraska (Sister)
    Chinpei Nebraska (Brother)
    Kanta Nebraska (Brother)
  • Gofsef Nebraska was the first of the Nebraska family introduced in Trigun Vol. 1 chapter 3. He and his father broke out of prison, where they were supposed to be serving a one hundred year sentence, and were hired by the city council of Voldoor to apprehend Vash. He is a giant of a being, with a steam vent in the back of his head for some purpose or another, and a cybernetic right arm that launches his fist with the force of a wrecking ball. His punches are said to be devastating and not to be dodged or deterred, which Vash proves wrong by not only dodging, but also writing crude notes on the hand before it returns, and later throwing it off course with only five bullets, leaving the last to destroy the launching mechanism.

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