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Lina is a character who appears in the anime and manga, a 12-year-old girl who lives with her grandmother Sheryl. She appears in the manga chapters Hero Reborn and Lina , and in the anime episode Goodbye for Now


Lina found Vash one day when she was coming home from getting groceries. Seeing the state he was in, she asked him if he was alright. She brought him home, where her grandmother Sheryl cared for Vash. Vash lived with them for two years after the Fifth Moon Incident, under the name Eriks. 

Lina semed to be very brave, going so far as to kick a dangerous thug in the forehead after he tried to grope her. She also acted a bit old for her age, in the manga asking a bartender for "a shot". Despite her brash tendencies, she cared deeply for Vash, as she started crying when he was forced to grovel for what she had done. She also cried when Vash told her he had to leave, stating that she only wanted to protect him, but that it turned out the other way around.  


Her name seems to have been misspelled as "Lena" on a few occasions.

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