Livio the Double Fang (リヴィオ・ザ・ダブルファング) is a childhood friend of Nicholas D. Wolfwood and the final member of the Gung-Ho-Guns from the Eye of Michael. He wields the Double Fangs, two cross-shaped submachine guns with dual barrels that make them capable of firing forward and backward at once; these guns are typically strapped to his wrists and, later, carried in low-slung shoulder holsters when not in use. He has an artificially enhanced metabolic rate, allowing him to recover from near fatal-wounds in a matter of seconds, and seemingly also possesses augmented strength and reflexes (these gifts come with a price, however, as they cause his body to age more rapidly than it normally would). He grows up in the same orphanage as Wolfwood, who gave him the nickname Crybaby Livio, due to Livio's fretting about being "abandoned" by his parents.

Livio also has an alternate personality. Razlo the Tri-Punisher of Death (a.k.a. Trip of Death) is a violent psychopath, treated as a separate member of the Gung-Ho Guns. Razlo was unwittingly created by Livio to absorb the abuses dealt by Livio's parents, allowing Livio to not know about them. Razlo only appears after Livio has suffered intense pain or trauma, and often commits acts of savagery when he is in control; it is heavily implied that Livio's parents were stabbed to death by Razlo, making them his earliest-known human victims. He uses three Punishers, each one similar to the weapon Wolfwood carries, with the aid of a bionic arm grafted onto his upper spine. He is aided by three unspeaking, mysterious servants (two of whom he refers to as "Zain" and "Agile"; the third is killed by Razlo's friendly fire and is never named) who wear what appear to be environmental hazard suits and carry the Punishers while Livio's persona is active. These three obey Razlo's commands seemingly without hesitation or fear, and are seen to be adept in the use of throwing knives and explosives. They also appear to be capable of reviving themselves with the use of a strength-enhancing liquid, dispensed from cylindrical reservoirs on their backs. These servants are last seen in Trigun Maximum vol. 10; they appear to die when Livio's personality reasserts itself as his dominant mindset.

Appearance Edit

Livio initially appears as a man of indeterminate age with shaggy white hair, a skull-mask covering the left side of his face, and all-black clothing. When his Ralzo personality surfaces, the mask comes off, revealing that the left half of his head is shaved bald, with a sunburst-like tattoo surrounding his left eye; his artificial third arm is also revealed at this point. After joining with Vash, Livio alters his hairstyle to cover up the bald half of his head. After his first encounter with Elendira the Crimsonnail in Octovern, he receives a black poncho and wide-brimmed hat in a chance meeting with a grown-up Jasmine, who does not recognize him.


Livio lived at the same orphanage with Wolfwood when they were both pre-adolescents, and was celebrated as a hero after he caught Jasmine, one of the younger children, when she fell from the orphanage roof. This lasts until he was revealed to have killed a puppy that belonged to Jasmine; thereafter, the children regarded him with dislike and fear. He fled the orphanage and wandered on his own until he came upon a small town on the edge of the desert, where he endured frequent violence at the hands of a trio of male thugs. This eventually gave rise to his awareness of Razlo, who took over Livio's body in the midst of a beating and killed his assailants. Livio/Razlo then made their way to the Eye of Michael, a society of plant-worshippers that supplies heavily trained assassins for Millions Knives. There, they were taken into the care of Chapel and trained to become full members of the Eye of Michael and eventually two of the Gung-ho Guns.

Livio and Razlo do battle with Vash and Wolfwood, though Wolfwood dies after sustaining immense injuries while overdosing himself on a rejuvenation serum. In the aftermath of the fight, Livio comes to terms with Razlo's existence and states that he is now strong enough to face life on his own without the help of his deranged alter-ego, who recedes into the back of his mind. Livio is forgiven by Vash afterward, and he becomes Vash's partner in an act of redemption, seeking to live as Wolfwood would have. Vash gives Livio Wolfwood's old pistol and last vial of regenerative drug, and Livio gives Vash the two coins, one from himself and one from Razlo.

This new alliance brings Livio into conflict with Elendira the Crimsonnail during humanity's last stand in the city of Octovern. Unable to win himself, Livio allows Razlo to re-emerge and help him kill the Crimsonnail. Livio later lives together with the children in his old orphanage and is shown paying his respects to Wolfwood's gravestone.



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