"Never hold back in matters of the heart."
— Milly Thompson

Milly Thompson (ミリィ・トンプソンド, Mirī Tonpuson) is a Bernardelli insurance agent, friend and assistant to Meryl Stryfe.


Despite physically towering over Meryl, Milly looks up to her and always refers to her in a respectful manner. She appears rather simple, but has a kind heart and also reveals a strength of character and genuine optimism. Milly comes from a very large family, and writes letters to them constantly (known as "The Milly Monthly"). Milly manages to hide a very heavy concussion gun, referred to as a "stun-gun", under her coat. The shots, which pop out into the shape of an X-shaped claw, are so powerful they can even knock over trucks.

Milly is somewhat of an airhead, and can appear shockingly childish at times despite her tall stature. She seems largely ignorant of the ways of adulthood, often calling Meryl into action to sort things out. This belies her strong heart and often deep insightful ways, which serve to count Meryl's more pragmatic and direct personality.

Milly and WolfwoodEdit


Milly and Wolfwood pretend to be a married couple

In the anime, from the moment they met, Wolfwood and Milly had a very easygoing friendship and romance seemed to come very naturally and easy to them, unlike Vash and Meryl's situation. Their relationship was instead on a more casual, basic level though there was always something special between them.

In the very first episode Wolfwood appears in, he falls asleep on Milly, who only blushes. Although she does not have the almost obsessive determination to stay near him that Meryl does with Vash, Milly is always happy to see the priest and they always sit or stay together if possible while they are together, though no one seems to think much of it.

Their relationship came to a culmination when Milly comforted the morally torn priest the night before he died. Wolfwood simply asked Milly to stay and eat the sandwiches she had brought with him, but later scenes show she spent the night and is shown sleeping in Wolfwood's bed while he stands shirtless, smoking -- heavily implying they slept together.

She also takes his death the next day understandably hard and is allowed to keep Wolfwood's Punisher after his death, until she gives it to Vash to take to his final fight with Knives. From the time of his death until the end of the series, Milly acts similar to a grieving widow and it is generally an unsaid fact amongst the four main characters that Milly and Wolfwood had something together and would have likely had a long-term relationship had Wolfwood survived the series. In the manga, a relationship is not apparent, but Milly is visibly saddened over Wolfwood's disappearance.


  • In the anime, Milly appears to be obsessed with pudding.
  • In the manga, Mily's hair is blond, while in the anime it is brunette. She receives a new hairstyle in Trigun Maximum, while retaining the same look throughout the entirity of the anime.
  • Her alleged pregnancy is never confirmed, only hinted at within the subtitles of the DVD.

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