This article is for the character of Rem Saverem, if you are looking for the Trigun episode titled Rem Saverem, see Rem Saverem (episode)

Rem Saverem is a Project SEEDS crew member and Vash and Knives main guardian and caretaker. Her loving nurture and philosophy affected Vash so thoroughly that he continues to live by her teachings long after her untimely death.


Driven to desperation by the death of her friend Alex that supported her through troubled times she joins Project SEEDS as a mean of looking to the future. During a SEEDS mission her crew discovers two male Plants. The crew members decide it best to eliminate them, but Rem stands in their way and convinces them to spare them. Afterwards the two boys are named Vash and Knives. Rem becomes the boys surrogate mother and in just one year the boys have grown to the size of adolescent teens. Upon the discovery of planet Gunsmoke the crew celebrate. Rem continues to teach the boys the value of life and how they should take precious care of it. This strongly influences Vash who would go by these teachings throughout his life, however the abuse from a fellow crew member, Steve, leads Knives to believe it nonsense and he begins to grow spiteful of humans. Knives loses any sense of humanity when he discovers the human experiments on Plants. Knives now believes the humans must be exterminated. As part of his plot to do so, Knives appears to crew members Mary and Rolan with a plan to remove Steve by falsely claiming that he raped Mary. Despite Rem's pleas for Steve to stand a fair trial the court orders him frozen and locked in cryostasis. Afterwards, Rolan proposes to Mary and reveals he has rigged Steve's freezer to kill him. Mary is shocked by his actions and refuses, causing Rolan to go insane and repeatedly shoot her. Rem and the boys discover them and Rem tries to calm Rolan to stop him, however the crew's captain, fearing Rem will be shot, opens the ship's cargo hatch and plunges Rolan and Mary's body into space, killing him. Rem firmly believes Rolan would not have shot her and expresses this to the captain. Knives comes alone to the captain, who is saddened by the uncertainty of his actions. Knives shows no sympathy and executes his plot by shooting and murdering the captain. He then sets the entire SEEDS fleet course for crash landing on Gunsmoke and thus destroying the remains of the human race. Knives returns to Rem and Vash and they make their way to the escape pods. Rem, however, stays behind believing she can save the fleet. She leaves the boys in the pod and deploys it. Vash cries desperately for Rem to stay but she comforts him and tells him, "Take care of Knives." Whether Rem was aware of Knives plot is uncertain, but after the pod deploys Vash watches the ship explode with Rem onboard. Knives glares on with a deviant smile, but is shocked when the SEEDS fleet miraculously begins to change course. Rem was able to redirect the fleet before the ship exploded bringing about her untimely death.

An unsupported alternative might be that, miraculously, Rem also survived the crash landing. This could be theorized by Meryl sporting a slight resemblance, and her describing her grandmother, a woman who would seem very similar to Rem.


  • Her last name seems to say "Save Them".
  • In the manga, her name is written "Seibrem".

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