"Alright! Let's deal the cards before my luck changes!"
— Stephanie Bostok

Stefany Bostok is the daughter of Dick Bostok , and appears in "Love and Peace".


Stefany first appears in the series beating a lot of men in card games, and taking their money. After a while, the guys become tired of losing their money and leave, stating "They'd rather shoot themselves in the foot" then play another game with her. Feeling up on her luck, Stefany then challenges anyone in the bar to play card games with her. A man then steps up and agrees, and tells her the game's for her life, and pulls out his gun.

The man then kidnaps Stefany in the bar with his group of criminals, saying he'll only free her if her father, Dick Bostok (the richest man in town), is willing to pay $$10,000,000, give consecutive bills, and provide a getaway wagon. Vash unintentionally walks into the kidnapping and is held hostage, alongside Meryl and Milly. A little running gag was that Vash, continually tries to look up her dress but is stopped by Jean; one of her kidnappers of all people.

Before knowing what it is the criminals want, Stefany taunts them, saying if it's just pocket money they want her father would have no trouble paying them. Furious with Stefany's words, Jean gets up, starts yelling at Stefany. Then places his gun in her mouth and tells her to scream and beg for her life. Before he can pull the trigger he is stopped by one of his crew.

Stefany runs into trouble again later when she is almost shot by a group of mercenaries hired by Stan to save her. The mercenaries are all too insane and just shoot the place up, no matter who's in the way. Luckily, Vash protects her from getting shot, by untying her and hiding behind the bar counter to avoid being shot.

Stefany is later let free by the criminals as now Ingway only wants one thing; a shootout with her father. After the shootout, Stefany's father is shot, making him cry in pain. Her father ends up being okay, as Ingway purposely aimed for his shoulder.

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