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Trigun: The 2nd Donut Happy Pack is the second soundtrack for the Trigun series.

Music ListEdit

  1. ラヴ&ピース (Love and Peace)*
  2. Nerve Rack
  3. 楽園 (Rakuen)
  4. ウエスト·スラング (West Slang)*
  5. Unhappy Song
  6. 黒猫空間 (Kuroneko Kūkan)*
  7. Colorless Sky
  8. トライガン·マキシマム (Trigun Maximum)*
  9. Hash Hash
  10. Lost Planet
  11. Blue Spring*
  12. H.T. (Destoyingangel mix)
  13. Zero Hour
  14. Insurance #1*
  15. The Lowdown
  16. Insurance #2*
  17. Gunpowder Tea
  18. Insurance #3*
  19. Cheers!
  20. Scattered Rain
  21. ピアス (Pierce)*
  22. Blue Summers
  23. 砂の星 (Suna no Hoshi)


  • All tracks that have an asterisk after the name are audio dramas.

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